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Frequently Asked Questions


We already pay tuition; how does my child benefit when we donate in addition to that?

More than 10% of Concord Hill’s budget comes from donations, so your gifts impact everything the school does. Fundraising dollars support competitive faculty salaries, exemplary reading and math resources, new technology, school supplies, and even light bulbs.


Why doesn’t CHS simply increase tuition”

Traditionally, independent schools like Concord Hill set tuition at a lower level than the true cost of educating each student in order to make the school accessible to as broad a range of families as possible. Having a socio-economically diverse student body enriches every aspect of a Concord Hill education, and is an important part of the school’s mission.


How much should I give to the Concord Hill Fund?

Every gift, regardless of size, makes an impact on the school. While gifts at the $1,500 level and above are recognized as Leadership Gifts and donors at this level are invited to a reception in the Spring, many families give more than this amount, and many give less. We hope you will join us in supporting this important fundraising initiative at whatever level you can afford. All donations to the Concord Hill Fund are 100% tax deductible.


Why is it important that every family give to the Concord Hill Fund?

Concord Hill is proud of its tradition of 100% parent participation and full support from the Faculty and Staff. Our participation is an investment in the school’s personalized instruction and nurturing, play-based approach to learning. As part of this small community, each of us gives knowing that our peers share our commitment to the hallmarks of a Concord Hill education.


How often will I be asked to give?

Families are asked to participate in two initiatives each year: the Concord Hill Fund and the Auction. The Concord Hill Fund appeal begins each Fall, and families are encouraged to make their gift early, pay their donation in installments, or pledge in advance and pay later. The Auction in November is a community event which includes a Live and Silent Auction as well as ticketed sign-up parties we call Celebrations. During the Auction there is also a Paddle Raise which directly funds the Concord Hill Financial Aid budget. From time to time, the school also embarks on campaigns to support important initiatives like capital improvements or the Endowment.


How do I give?

You can make a gift online with your credit card, pledge online and pay later, pay your gift in installments, or send in a check.

Every Concord Hill Fund gift is tax-deductible and goes toward the operating budget during the given year.
Our Concord Hill Fund ends on JUNE 30 each year and payments should be made by this date.