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Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is Concord Hill’s primary fundraising effort, providing a vital source of annual revenue to meet our operating budget. Gifts to the Annual Fund help bridge the gap between tuition and operating expenses and support every facet of our school.

The importance of our Annual Fund is highlighted by four significant factors:

  1. Like most independent schools, Concord Hill purposefully sets tuition at a level that remains affordable for as many families as possible. In our case this leaves a gap of more than 10% of the school’s operating budget that must be covered by fundraising.
  2. Our low student-to-teacher ratio has a dramatic impact on our children every day. This structure is the essence of Concord Hill: two full-time teachers in every classroom and a Head of School who is intimately involved in each classroom. Annual Fund dollars allow us to offer competitive salaries and benefits to attract and keep our outstanding faculty and staff.
  3. Traditionally, CHS achieves full parent participation: a remarkable achievement which speaks to the strength of our community. Maintaining this support is truly our most important goal. Every gift counts.
  4. Tuition is the largest source of the school’s operating revenue, but it does not cover all of a school’s expenses. The Annual Fund is the largest source of income that covers this gap between operating revenue and expenses. This year the ‘gap’ amounts to $3,703 per student.

Every Annual Fund gift is tax-deductible and goes toward the operating budget during the given year.
Our Annual Fund ends on JUNE 30 each year and payments should be made by this date.

Support the things that make Concord Hill special through the Annual Fund.