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Why Support CHS

Gifts from parents, alumni and friends support a myriad of unique programs and projects at Concord Hill that make up the remaining 10% of the school’s operating budget which is not covered by tuition.


Why Age 3 – Grade 3 Is Important

The early childhood years are the most important time of a child’s development. It is the time when they are learning how to learn. They are developing all of the skills that will help make them successful; curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Young children are also developing a sense of empathy and learning how to interact with their peers. This too will have a powerful impact on their success as an adult. These are also the years when children are forming their own identity and therefore it is critical for them to be supported and celebrated while at the same time, being taught to appreciate others for both their differences and similarities.

What Makes Concord Hill Stand Out

At Concord Hill, each child is heard, valued, and celebrated because of its signature, small design and low student-to-teacher ratio. In addition to this individualized attention, Concord Hill has a variety of resources at our disposal to help every child reach their fullest potential. CHS boasts Reading and Math Specialists, Directors of Social Emotional Learning and Technology, Specialists in the arts, and a growing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion mission. The Administrative team is dedicated to providing high quality professional development for the faculty, ensuring that students are receiving the very best and that faculty can easily adjust their approaches to meet the needs of all CHS learners.

Why We Need Your Support

It is your gift that helps make up the remaining 10% of the School’s operating budget. Concord Hill deliberately keeps its tuition lower than what it costs for a child to receive such a highly personalized experience. The School does this to ensure that tuition will not be a barrier to attendance and thus is able to welcome more families into the community. Something we believe benefits the School as a whole and contributes to the success of our students. This year is, of course, like no other. Our costs have grown exponentially as we have adjusted to meet the safety standards that will protect our learners on campus. We have reimagined our campus and created outdoor classrooms for each class, hired additional faculty, invested in new technology, and implemented the highest COVID safety standards.


We have a tradition of 100% participation among our Faculty and Staff, Board of Trustees and every family at CHS. During this unprecedented time we rely on your gift more than ever to differentiate Concord Hill as the place to be for early childhood education. Your gift is a unique opportunity to make a difference in our community today.