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Social Emotional Academic Learning

Consider the adults in your life that you most admire.  Are they people who can reason and solve problems? Are they curious and flexible? Can they integrate information from a range of perspectives? Do they know how to relate well to others, and how to make and sustain friendships? When educating and shaping young children, it makes sense to keep in mind the characteristics that we ultimately value.

Concord Hill prides itself on integrating social and character development throughout the curriculum and school day. The notion of respect for oneself and others is inherent in everything we do.


As part of our Social Emotional Academic Learning (SEAL) program, we want children to become socially competent, learn to engage others of all ages, know when to ask for help, learn to resolve conflicts, and practice flexible thinking skills. We want them to connect ideas, take risks, benefit from mistakes, grow in their empathy, and become confident life-long learners.

Our School Counselor, Lauren Huntley, collaborates with teachers, administrators, and parents to support every student’s social and emotional growth. Through classroom lessons and small group discussions, she works with students on topics such as building healthy friendships, expressing emotions, communicating, problem-solving, resolving conflicts, building resiliency, diversity, and inclusion. 


"A place where my child learned to be a good student and a good citizen.”
—CHS Parent