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Our Faculty

One of Concord Hill's greatest strengths is our dedicated, experienced faculty members who are devoted to our mission of emphasizing both the academic and developmental growth of young children.

Our teachers are warm, caring, and sensitive—and they easily connect with children to provide them with both academic and emotional support. They talk to kids individually, give them feedback that stretches their thinking and learning, and work closely with them on mastering age-appropriate skills.

With two full-time teachers in each classroom, the faculty members get to know each student on a very personal level, and they encourage parents to participate as partners in their child's education. In classes structured to encourage interaction and discussion, our students thrive on this personalized attention and gain confidence as they grow.


In addition to our classroom teachers, our resource teachers create individualized strategies to provide extra support and enrichment to students as needed in Kindergarten through Third Grade. Instruction is tailored to best meet the needs of each class. Resource teachers may serve as a third teacher in the classroom, work with small pull-out groups in the resource room, or interact one-on-one with individual children.


Our faculty is enthusiastic about teaching young children to become lifelong learners. Our teachers set a great example by continually seeking out professional development opportunities for themselves. They participate in local and national educational workshops, courses, and seminars. The Libow Faculty Venture Fund, established by the family of a departing board chair, encourages teachers to create their own experience of professional growth and development that may go beyond the scope of traditional professional development.

To contact a member of our Faculty or Staff, click here.

The teachers and staff personally know all the children—their strengths and their areas of improvement—and they make sure that each child is given the attention to achieve his or her potential.