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Concord Hill has a thriving group of parent volunteers at the heart of its community.


Our parents and alumni families often report that their Concord Hill involvement provided an invaluable opportunity to better understand their child's daily environment, as well as a chance to form new friendships. School events, class field trips, fundraising efforts, sandwich making for Martha's Table, and many other important school functions are made possible through the volunteer efforts of Concord Hill parents. Volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year for all levels of time commitment.

The best opportunity to learn about these opportunities is at our Parent Participation Program (PPP) Breakfast at the beginning of each school year.


At this event, new and current parents can learn about all the different roles volunteers fill at Concord Hill, from book-shelving in the Library to serving on the Board of Trustees.

We are very grateful to those who give willingly and generously of their time and talents. For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact Cynthia Raso.



Bethesda Cares

October 26, 2020

Sandwiches: 3rd Grade
Granola Bar: Preprimary & 2nd Grade
Fruits: Primary & 1st Grade
Veggies: Kindergarten
Delivery: Kindergarten

November 16, 2020

Sandwiches: Kindergarten
Granola Bar: 3rd Grade
Fruits: Preprimary & 2nd Grade
Veggies: Primary & 1st Grade
Delivery: Primary & 1st Grade

December 14, 2020

Sandwiches: Primary & 1st Grade
Granola Bar: Kindergarten
Fruits: 3rd Grade
Veggies: Preprimary & 2nd Grade
Delivery: Preprimary & 2nd Grade