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Why Age 3–Grade 3?

We Are Dedicated to the Early Childhood Years

Our focus on children in Preschool through Grade 3 allows us to work with them beginning at Age 3 to develop positive attitudes toward learning that remain with them for life. Socially, our children learn to work and play independently and in groups, and to be respectful of everyone. Academically, they develop basic learning skills, learn to take intellectual risks, solve problems, and expand their creativity in an environment tailored to how young children learn best.

We Are Small By Design

We intentionally keep the number of students in Preprimary through Grade 3 at no more than 100 and maintain an average student-to-teacher ratio of 6:1. This helps our teachers and staff to appreciate the character of each child and to help them interact with the world around them in an environment scaled to their size and level of maturity.

Every Child Is an Important Member of Our Community

Our Head of School, teachers, and staff take an interest in getting to know each and every child. This warm and caring environment offers children a safe, small, happy atmosphere in which they are comfortable learning and growing.

We Believe in the Power of Play

Play is not only fun, it also an integral part of how young children learn. Through play, our students learn conflict resolution, respect, creativity, independence, and self-confidence. Play also encourages children to actively engage in their surroundings and to become mini "scientists" by exploring, manipulating, and interacting with their environment. Play allows children to investigate, create, and discover, and motivates them to take risks, adding to their understanding of the world around them.

Our Respectful Reminders Inspire Children to
Become Responsible Citizens

Each year Respectful Reminders are written for all of our young children to keep in mind as they go through each day. They experience courteous and polite collaboration from the very beginning: in play, in working in small groups and paired projects, and in service to the community beyond the walls of our school. Learning about their obligation to the community at large during these early years plants the seeds for their future.

Our Third Grade Students Gain Confidence as
the "Big Kids" In School

Daily leadership responsibilities empower our Third Grade students to be actively engaged in our community. Through public speaking, leading our Preprimary and Primary students to their classrooms each morning, reading to younger peers, along with other tasks throughout the school, students feel a sense belonging and understanding of their contributions to their environment. Not only do these jobs reflect responsibilities and privileges within the school, but they also prepare children for the next step beyond the Concord Hill community.

We Support Fourth Grade Placement for
Each Individual Student

As a child enters Third Grade, our Head of School is positioned to confidently recommend a short list of schools that best fits each child's need. By this time, a child's learning style and academic strengths are well understood, making it clear where a student will excel during the middle school years. Our Head of School works closely with parents to ensure a child is placed in the most appropriate environment.

Proven Academic Success

Concord Hill students are sought after by area schools because they are kind, well-prepared, and intellectually curious. They meet the challenges of middle school and beyond with confidence and compassion.

Children's experiences during the early years provide the foundation for later school success.
—Foundation for Child Development

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