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Building a strong Endowment is a top priority for Concord Hill. By providing sustained annual income, these funds ensure that Concord Hill will continue its legacy of excellence in early childhood education for future generations.

Endowment gifts provide stable annual income to the school every year in perpetuity, regardless of any particular year's stock market or economic climate. These gifts consistently support operations, fund strategic initiatives, and ensure the long-term financial stability of Concord Hill. The endowment is strategically and professionally invested with careful oversight by the Board of Trustees, the Investment Advisory Committee, and respected investment managers who are committed to advising nonprofit and academic institutions.


Tuition & Financial Aid

  • Reduce reliance on tuition increases to meet the rising cost of providing a Concord Hill education.
  • Increase our Financial Aid awards and maintain competitive tuition rates to make Concord Hill accessible to as broad a range of families as possible.

Facilities and Technology

  • Ensure students have access to developmentally appropriate technology to prepare them for their next school experience.
  • Support building maintenance reserves and fund necessary updates, improvements, and repairs to the facility.

Faculty & Curriculum

  • Continue to attract the best faculty in early education by offering competitive salary and benefit packages.
  • Promote faculty and staff development through professional training opportunities and continuing education.
  • Continually assess our curriculum to ensure that we provide an up-to-date, research-based program for our students, enhancing our offerings when necessary.

Please contact Cynthia Raso at to learn more.