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CHS: The Next 50 Years

In 2015, Concord Hill launched this comprehensive, three-tiered campaign in honor of the school's 50th Anniversary. We are excited to announce that we have nearly completed all the capital improvements that comprised Tiers One, Two, and Three. The final projects, including a brand-new Science classroom, HVAC improvements, and updates to the school’s Wisconsin Avenue façade, are due to be completed in Spring 2019!

The campaign also included a contribution to the school's Endowment through the Denise Gershowitz Legacy Gift.

By reimagining our facilities and learning spaces, investing in the school's endowment, and creating forward-thinking classrooms for exploration and discovery, we have an opportunity to position Concord Hill for the next 50 years. An enormous thank you to our generous community for their continued support of our mission and school.


The Denise Gershowitz Legacy Gift

The campaign also includes a contribution to the school's Endowment through the Denise Gershowitz Legacy Gift. In recognition of Denise's exemplary service, this endowed gift will forever honor her legacy through annual support of the initiatives that have been her greatest passions:

  1. Growing a Financial Aid program and keeping Concord Hill accessible to a wider group of families.
  2. Attracting and retaining the best faculty in early education for the next generation of Concord Hill students.
  3. Enhancing diversity and inclusiveness at Concord Hill

For more information, or to support ongoing capital improvements at CHS or the Endowment, please contact Blaire Massa, Director of Advancement.

Tier Three

Tier Two

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