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Library & Makerspace


The mission of the Concord Hill School Library is to serve the literary needs and interests of the students, support the curricular needs of the faculty, and to serve as a learning commons for the school community. More than a depository of information and story-time sessions, the library is a center of inquiry and project-based learning. Library programs instill in students a love of literature and reading, as well as an age-appropriate degree of information literacy.

The Library curriculum has three main components: literature appreciation, informational literacy, and maker education. Read-aloud sessions and library research lessons are designed to support the Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning, published by the American Library Association and the Association for Educational Communications and Technology.

Each grade has a regularly scheduled weekly period in the Library. Students in all classes enjoy stories or other media selected for curriculum relevance and check-out books. Second and Third Graders also learn how to access information using the online catalog and reference sources.


MAKERSPACE: Think, Make, Improve

The Makerspace, located next to the CHS Library, provides a center for collaborative, open-ended, play-driven learning opportunities for all ages that include imagination, design, creativity, and problem-solving. These activities support important neuroscience concepts while staying true to the core values of Concord Hill School. Children learn through hands-on activities planned around classroom curricula, literature, and fine motor development. Librarian Nan Stifel and Director of Educational Technology Karen Opdahl work with students and teachers to plan and carry out special projects. Whether building, tinkering, coding, producing green-screen video effects, or working with wood or robots, the students exemplify the Makerspace motto: “Think, Make, Improve."

MAKERSPACE TECH TIDBITS! Read about what students are up to to in our Makerspace!