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School Life


The time-honored traditions that we practice at Concord Hill nurture a child’s sense of self and social responsibility.

We believe the fundamental values of respect and compassion start at the earliest ages and are learned through modeling and practicing small, everyday customs.

Our entire community of students, parents, teachers, and staff celebrate Concord Hill traditions. We look forward to them, enjoy being a part of them, and take pride in watching children become accustomed to these social experiences. Some of our traditions include:

Early Morning Handshakes

Every morning during carpool, our students practice greeting the adult who opens the car door or who is standing at the school entrance. The students are gently coached to stop, look the adult in the eye, and say “good morning” or “hello” while shaking hands.

Friday Morning Meetings

Our entire school community gathers every Friday morning to celebrate birthdays, sing songs, and watch special student performances. These gatherings also periodically welcome guest speakers who read stories or introduce topics related to upcoming activities, such as why we make sandwiches for Martha’s Table.

Classroom & School Charters

Designed to build a positive climate in the school, our Classroom & School Charters are created by the children and teachers of each class based on how they want to feel and be treated when they are together. The process of creating these Charters is part of the Emotional Intelligence Curriculum we embrace at CHS.

Collaborative Art Projects

Students enjoy participating in collaborative art projects throughout the year. These projects have included a quilt woven with different pieces of fabric selected by each child at the school, single paintings created by small groups of children or by an entire class, and shadow boxes prepared by individual students used to show and discuss his or her unique heritage, personality, or experiences. Recent projects have included butterfly mobiles and mosaic window borders which can be seen throughout our school.