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Home Learning Access


Preprimary & Primary
Students may use household items including scissors, paper, markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc.

Kindergarten–Grade 3
Students were sent home with the required materials.


• High-speed internet access

• Internet-enabled student-friendly device (tablet, computer, or phone)

*If families do not have access to the above technology, please call 301-654-2626 or email Nate Dennison.


Families will need to download the following applications or visit the below websites to receive teacher messages, instructions, and learning activities:


SEESAW is an online platform for teachers to communicate with students, demonstrate and share learning. Using Seesaw's creative tools, students can take photos, draw, record videos, and more.


Follow the below steps and/or watch this helpful video!

Download the Seesaw: The Learning Journal "Class" application (available through app stores and online:


Open the App and select "I'm a Student"

Enter Student Code (sent to parents via email))

Select Activities.

Read and/or listen to the activity then select any included multimedia to the left. Tap Add Response to enter your response.

To find activities for different CHS specials, choose your child's name from the top left corner, then select Another Class or Activities.


Zoom is a video conferencing tool we will use to keep in touch with our community.

Download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings application, available through App stores and online: https://zoom/us/download