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Physical Education

Physical Education is a very important part of a child’s day at Concord Hill School. Each grade participates in a 30-minute PE class multiple times a week. The program is designed for students to develop competency in different motor skills and movement patterns through an exposure to a wide variety of games and sports. We believe it is important in the early years for children to recognize the value of physical activity and hope that our curriculum fosters a life-long interest in, enjoyment of, and participation in regular physical activity. Within all grade levels, PE at Concord Hill places an emphasis on the demonstration of good sportsmanship.

The PE program is developmentally appropriate and builds on the skills developed from year to year. Field Day is a culmination of the Physical Education school year, and is always greatly anticipated by all participants in Kindergarten through Third Grade. The students work on goal setting for Field Day with emphasis on self-improvement over peer competition.