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Third Grade

In Third Grade students have the opportunity to practice their leadership skills through regular responsibilities—including leading Friday Morning Meetings, mentoring their Kindergarten reading buddies, and helping to clean up our playground—which foster a sense of self-confidence and independence.

Academic, organizational, and study skills are refined and solidified for the world beyond Concord Hill School. Students continue to read trade books where emphasis is placed on comprehension and critical analysis. Words Their Way continues at a more advanced level. Through the use of dramatic role playing, students deepen their understanding of content. Small- and large-group discussions of literature support their creation of individual written responses to demonstrate comprehension.

Third Grade students continue to master the writing process by creating a first draft and revising, editing, and publishing a finished work. They learn about the structure of different genres and how to use language effectively. By the end of Third Grade students are able to proofread their own work, editing for correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Everyday Mathematics is the foundation of the math curriculum, and is supplemented as needed. Students are expected to have a mastery of basic multiplication facts. They review and expand on concepts covered in previous years, and should be able to communicate mathematical strategies and processes.

In Social Studies, Third Grade students learn about early explorers, colonization, and the American Revolution through reading and hands-on activities. Research is a large component of their study and they frequently use iPads, resource books, and primary and secondary sources. History is brought to life through a Living History performance for the entire school community at a Friday Morning Meeting twice each school year. These performances not only showcase the students' Social Studies knowledge, but also demonstrate their role as school leaders and underscores their public speaking skills and self confidence.

Special classes in Art, Library, Music, Physical Education, Science, and Spanish further enrich the curriculum.

In Third Grade students prepare library book reviews in the form of movie trailers. They write scripts and use a green screen app to create videos. View their creations on our YouTube "Book Trailers" channel, here. Throughout the CHS Library, students have also included QR codes in select books, which are also linked to these trailers.