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Social Curriculum

Concord Hill prides itself on integrating social and character development throughout the curriculum and school day. The notion of respect for oneself and others is inherent in everything we do.

Our School Counselor, Lauren Huntley collaborates with teachers, administrators, and parents to support every student’s social and emotional growth. Through classroom lessons and small group discussions, she works with students on topics such as building healthy friendships, expressing emotions, communicating, problem-solving, resolving conflicts, building resiliency, diversity, and inclusion. Contact Lauren, here.

We endeavor to teach students how to interact and empathize with one another, build relationships, and become emotionally intelligent. Teachers and staff create a school climate where children feel safe and welcome by modeling respectful and friendly behavior.

Every school day begins with greeting one another in a way that shows respect: with eye contact and a handshake. Throughout the school day students are taught and guided to listen to one another, play cooperatively, and collaborate on projects. Daily leadership tasks for Third Graders such as walking our youngest students to their classrooms and raising the flag, develop responsibility. Friday Morning Meetings, where the entire school community gathers, often reinforce concepts of respect and kindness. Monthly lunch-making for Martha’s Table is one of our beloved school traditions and also reinforces helping those beyond our school community.

The Concord Hill Traditions practiced in our school community also serve as an integral part of our social curriculum. Learn more about Concord Hill Traditions.

"A place where my child learned to be a good student and a good citizen.”
—CHS Parent