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Second Grade

The Second Grade curriculum solidifies academic concepts and organizational skills introduced in previous years.

Second Grade students are encouraged and supported to create more sophisticated verbal and written responses in all subject areas. Students read more complex material in daily ability-based reading groups, and respond to literature through group discussions, written responses, and creative projects. Students conduct research with the use of kid-friendly websites, iPad apps, and resource materials. The Writing Workshop curriculum includes a mini lesson, teacher conference, and sharing written work aloud with peers. Students publish personal narratives, How-To Books, poetry, and research reports. The Words Their Way study program is continued for spelling instruction.

The spiral curriculum of Everyday Mathematics continues to offer daily opportunities to extend understanding of mathematical concepts with built-in review and practice through games. Students are also expected to master basic addition and subtraction facts.

In Social Studies, Second Grade students are immersed in an engaging, year-long study of Native Americans further developing the concept of comparing and contrasting cultures. Through literature and hands-on explorations, students learn about the different food, clothing, shelter, customs, and history of several tribes. While learning about Native American regions, children also learn the geography of the United States. The year culminates in a state research report, which students share with the Concord Hill community during State Hat's Day, a beloved school tradition performed during a Friday Morning Meeting.

Special classes in Art, Library, Music, Physical Education, Science, and Spanish further enrich the curriculum.