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The Primary curriculum is guided by the interests of the group, and children explore through short- and long-term projects, class discussions, and small-group collaborations. The emergent curriculum allows children to become "experts" in an age-appropriate manner.

Primary students are encouraged to share their own thoughts, ideas, and theories, as well as to listen, reflect, and respond to others. Unstructured play continues to provide opportunities for students to develop cognitively, socially, physically, and emotionally. As they mature, creative play also fosters the executive function skills necessary to be successful in school.

Math-readiness and pre-literacy are integrated throughout the day in both small- and large-group experiences. Special classes in Music, Physical Education, Library, Spanish, and Art further enrich the curriculum.

Primary children gain a love of learning, an introduction to academics, a greater sense of confidence, and an ability to cooperate with peers.