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First Grade

First Grade students explore broader concepts and refine their academic skills while they continue to learn and practice through play.

Flexible, ability-based, small- and whole-group instruction allows students to work at their own level in both reading and math. Small reading groups meet daily and include formal reading instruction using leveled trade books, comprehension strategies, and vocabulary work. Words Their Way is incorporated for word study using varied modalities to teach spelling and phonics patterns.

Writing Workshop is an integral piece of the First Grade curriculum. Students learn the writing process by creating a draft and revising, editing, and publishing works in nonfiction, fiction, and poetry.

Hands-on activities in the Everyday Mathematics curriculum facilitate concept development and problem solving. The spiraling curriculum design allows students to revisit concepts for practice and mastery throughout the year. Developing and communicating mathematical strategies is encouraged.

In Social Studies, First Grade students travel on "Air Concord Hill" to deepen their understanding of children around the world, comparing and contrasting different cultures through a study of customs, art, geography, language, music, and literature.

Special classes in Art, Library, Music, Physical Education, Science, and Spanish further enrich the curriculum.

First Grade students share their research about Australian animals. Click here to view.